Dugeon Digest: cardslinger and dragon bard

Dungeon Digest is my weekly roundup of new Dungeons & Dragons content. If there’s a publisher, blog or video channel that you think I should be following, tweet me and let me know.

Cardslinger rogue

At Tribality, Shawn Ellsworth has published rules for a cardslinger rogue – a card shark who can choose from a range of different magical card tricks and even use cards as magical weapons, like Gambit from X-Men.

Shadow bard, dragon bard

Kobold PressSarah Madsen has published the college of shadows, a bard subclass. Meanwhile at D&D Beyond, James Haeck has published a storytelling encounter involving a dragon bard.

Throwing away secrets

One of the new additions to Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master has been a section about creating secrets for each session. In this article, Sly Flourish talks about why he reckons you should discard unused secrets after each session.

Saving games from accidental mistakes

At Kobold Press, Jacob Huebsch talks about how rules mistakes on the part of a the dungeon master can ruin a game. These mistakes are just going to happen sometimes, so it also includes some ways to save the game when this happens.

Queer experience

At Nerdarchy, Hoffner talks about how the inclusion of queer characters in roleplaying games can provide a safe space for players to explore queer identity. The opportunity to explore different possibilities is one of the things I like most about these games, so I’ll be very interested to see where Hoffner goes with their future articles.

A mini tarrasque

At the start of a Dungeons & Dragons session I normally ask my players what they’re hoping to get out of the session, and inevitably someone says, ‘XP!’ A couple of weeks ago I responded by saying I’d unleash a mini tarrasque on them. Of course, I didn’t have one prepared. So when a mini tarrasque was requested the following week, I took some time to work on a tarrasque-inspired construct, which I’m hoping to use soon. (If you have any thoughts about it let me know.)


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